Perhaps today wasn’t your day..

Perhaps, today wasn’t your day..

Perhaps it was..

There are so many people on this beautiful planet of ours and we have no idea what could be taking place in their lives… even within the scene, which if I do recall, though small, is vastly large at the same time.

Someone entered the dynamic of their dreams today..

While someone else walked out of theirs.

Someone was collared today..

While someone else was released.

Someone just had the best scene of their life..

While someone had one they hope they can forget.

Someone was rewarded..

While someone else was punished.

Someone felt a stomach filled with butterflies for the first time..

While someone felt one flutter for the last.

Perhaps today was not your day, maybe it’ll be tomorrow.

Maybe it won’t be.

But be rest assured that is coming.

And it will be sweet.


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